Any further questions?

Interesting facts about your stay in Velen

If you have any questions about your stay in our hotel, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have compiled the answers to the most frequently asked questions for you here:

When can I check in and out?
Check-In is from 3:00 p.m., check out until 11:00 a.m. If you wish to leave later, you can also book a late check-out, if available. This is free until 12:00 o’clock, after 12:00 o’clock we charge EUR 10.00 per hour.

Is the reception open all day?
Yes, a multilingual receptionist is personally available around the clock so that you can check in and out at any time without any problems.

Is there a parking space available at the hotel?
Yes, you can leave your car in our parking lot at the castle park (Schlosspark), which is about 80 metres from the hotel. You can park for up to four hours free of charge. Between four and nine hours the parking fee is EUR 5.00, and after the ninth hour we charge a daily fee of EUR 7.50. Alternatively, you can use one of the free parking facilities around our hotel.

Can I charge my electric vehicle?
Yes, we can set up a quick charging station/ electric charging station for electric cars and Tesla vehicles in the car park with appropriate advance notice. Charging is free of charge for you.

Is there a room for the storage of luggage?
Yes. You can leave your luggage in our care at any time. For example, if you want to do something after check out, we stow your luggage safely in the luggage compartment until you pick it up again.

Are the rooms quiet or is there traffic noise?
The SportSchloss Velen is located in the heart of the small town of Velen. The road that passes the castle is hardly used in the evening hours, so that you can sleep very peacefully.

Is smoking allowed in the guest rooms?
No. Please use our designated smoking areas.

Are there barrier-free rooms?
We offer a barrier-free room with appropriate equipment.

Is there a safe?
Yes, all our hotel rooms are equipped with an electronic room safe.

Is breakfast included in the room price?
Whether breakfast is included in the room price depends on the rate you have booked. If you choose a particularly favourable rate, breakfast is sometimes not included. The price for our delicious, rich breakfast buffet is between EUR 15.00 and EUR 17.00.

Is there a menu or buffet with half board?
Depending on the number of bookings, we serve the meals either in the form of a menu or a rich buffet. However, the type and quality of the dishes is identical.

Can I have breakfast at your hotel if I have not booked an overnight stay?
Yes, of course you can eat and drink in our restaurants and bar without staying overnight.

Can I bring my pet?
Yes, pets are welcome. We charge EUR 16.00 per night.

Should I book via a portal or directly at the hotel?
It is easier for you and us if you book directly with us. In addition, you save EUR 10.00 per night and room.

Do I need a credit card for booking?
No, for many appointments you can reserve your room without a credit card. And for appointments for which we only accept guaranteed reservations, you can also make an advance payment as an alternative to the credit card number.

Why is it not possible for me to book a room, although my desired date is marked green in the calendar?
It is possible that the hotel can only be booked with a minimum stay on some dates. This is highlighted in yellow in the availability calendar and an info text appears on the right side of the calendar. Please enter a different arrival or departure date or contact us in this case.

What do I have to consider when arriving by car?
There are neither speed camera systems worth mentioning, nor is Velen an environment zone. So you don’t have to consider anything else.

Is there a suitcase service?
You are welcome to use one of our baggage carts for your luggage. If you need help with loading and unloading, please do not hesitate to let us know in advance.

How do I get from Düsseldorf airport to Velen?
From Düsseldorf airport to Velen it is about 84 kilometres, from Dortmund airport about 100 kilometres and from Münster/Osnabrück airport about 75 kilometres. Unfortunately, due to the rural location of our hotel, we do not recommend travelling by public transport. We are pleased to support you any time if you need a transfer.

Can I rent a bike from your hotel?
Yes, we offer modern Gazelle bicycles, which you can rent at any time for 10.00 EUR per day at our reception. You are also welcome to hire e-bikes from us. During the summer season you should book the bikes in advance.

Is there a discount for children?
Yes, children up to the age of six can sleep in a separate extra bed/ baby cot free of charge. For children aged seven to eleven years we charge EUR 30.00 per day and child, for teenagers aged twelve to 15 years EUR 35.00 per day and person. If your child is 16 years or older, we charge EUR 60.00 per day and teenager.

Do not lose your way!

Your route to our hotel in Velen

Bad planning is half the battle – so that you arrive on your holiday without stress and unnecessary detours, you can prepare your journey using the interactive map below. You can also reach us by public transport.
The address of our car park for your navigation device: Am Tiergarten, 46342 Velen.

How to reach us by car
Coming from the north: Take A31 to Gescher/Coesfeld, turn right onto B525 towards Gescher/Winterswijk, next possibility left, follow the signs towards Velen. The car park of the Hotel SportSchloss Velen is signposted in Velen.

Coming from the Netherlands: exit Bocholt, continue on B67n/B67, exit Heiden/Velen, follow signs in the direction of Velen. Car parking of the Hotel SportSchloss Velen is signposted.
From the south: Take A31 to Borken/Velen, continue on B67 towards Bocholt/Velen, exit towards Heiden/Velen, follow signs towards Velen. The car park of the Hotel SportSchloss Velen is signposted from the traffic circle.

From the east: Take A43 to Dülmen, continue on B474 towards Coesfeld, turn left towards Merfeld, follow signs towards Borken/Velen, transition to B67n/B67, exit towards Heiden/Velen, follow signs towards Velen. The car park of the Hotel SportSchloss Velen is signposted from the traffic circle.
From the west: Via freeway 3 to Bocholt, continue in the B67 towards Bocholt, continue on the B67 towards Borken/Velen, exit Gescher/Velen, follow the signs towards Velen. The car park of Hotel SportSchloss Velen is signposted.

Arrival by public transport
Arrival by train: destination station is Borken (12km) or Coesfeld (15km) & continue by bus
Arrival by bus: From Borken or Coesfeld, take the R51 bus to the stop “Am Schloss”.

Let us hear from you!

The contact details of our hotel at a glance

You have something to tell us, would you like to ask a question, praise or criticise us?
Then give us a call or send us an e-mail. You can reach us by phone at any time on <a href="tel:004928632030">+49 2863 203 0</a>, send your e-mail to <a href="mailto:info@sportschlossvelen.de">info@sportschlossvelen.de</a>. We are looking forward to hear from you. If it is urgent, simply use our <a href="/informieren/kontakt/">contact form</a> and send us your message to our inbox.


Von rustikal bis exklusiv: Hier ist alles drin

Die Veranstaltungsräume des Hotel SportSchloss Velen


Man soll die Feste feiern, wie sie fallen – aber richtig! Deshalb finden Sie im Hotel SportSchloss Velen für jeden Anlass und jeden Geschmack den richtigen Veranstaltungsraum. Wir können exklusiv, festlich, rustikal, gemütlich und natürlich romantisch. Und dass wir Ihnen zu jedem Geburtstag, Jubiläum, Firmenevent und Ihrer Hochzeit den perfekten Rundum-Service bieten, versteht sich ja von selbst.

Wenn Sie Ihre private Feier oder Ihr Firmenfest vor einer historischen-Kulisse feiern möchten, sind Sie in der Orangerie gut aufgehoben. Im Orangerie-Saal finden an zehn runden Tischen bis zu 100 Personen Platz. Im Weißen Salon stehen Ihnen drei runde Tische zur Verfügung, an denen jeweils zehn Personen sitzen können. Über eine Verbindungstür können Sie auch die Nebenräume mit einbinden und so zwei weitere runde Tische für je zehn Personen nutzen. Darüber hinaus steht Ihnen bei gutem Wetter auch der Orangerie-Garten zur Verfügung.

Einzigartige Feiern im Münsterland


Die Veranstaltungsräume im Überblick:


Herrschaftlich feiern im Schloss

Im Schloss befinden sich 10 der insgesamt 21 Veranstaltungsräume. Alle Räume liegen auf der 1. Etage, sind mit dem Fahrstuhl zu erreichen und verfügen über Tageslicht sowie Wireless-LAN. Die Räumlichkeiten wurden im Frühjahr 2015 renoviert und mit Klimaanlagen ausgestattet.

Nordkirchen & Raesfeld122,503,503230427030
Vischering & Hülshoff84,003,502418306026
Bestuhlungsform U-Form Bestuhlungsform Blockform Bestuhlungsform Parlamentarisch Bestuhlungsform Stuhlreihen Bestuhlungsform Runde Tische Bestuhlungsform Stuhlkreis

Historisches Ambiente in der Orangerie

Neun historische Tagungs- und Veranstaltungsräume mit hellem Parkettboden machen Ihre Tagung zu einem unverwechselbaren Erlebnis. Die Orangerie aus dem Jahre 1753/54 wurde im Frühjahr 2009 aufwendig restauriert und besticht durch seine Stuckarbeiten und Wandmalereien. Alle Räume verfügen über Tageslicht und Wireless-LAN.

Orangerie Saal156,003,5016204612010024
Weißer Salon62,003,50182432503020
Salon Ahaus45,003,5014161219-12
Salon Rhede34,003,508101216-10
Salon Varlar17,003,50-6---6
Salon Wilkinghege34,003,501081216-12
Salon Westerwinkel34,003,501081216-12
Salon Senden21,003,50-6-8-6
Bestuhlungsform U-Form Bestuhlungsform Blockform Bestuhlungsform Parlamentarisch Bestuhlungsform Stuhlreihen Bestuhlungsform Runde Tische Bestuhlungsform Stuhlkreis

Platz für 200 Gäste in der Remise

Nur einen Steinwurf vom Schloss entfernt liegt die Remise. Hier befindet sich der größte Veranstaltungsraum "Burgsteinfurt" mit 200 m² für bis zu 200 Personen. Alle Räume verfügen über eine Klimaanlage und Wireless-LAN.

Bestuhlungsform U-Form Bestuhlungsform Blockform Bestuhlungsform Parlamentarisch Bestuhlungsform Stuhlreihen Bestuhlungsform Runde Tische Bestuhlungsform Stuhlkreis

Ihre Ansprechpartner und Veranstaltungsplaner vor Ort


Sie haben Fragen oder möchten auf unseren Planungsservice zurückgreifen? Kein Problem. Gleich drei Mitarbeiter des Veranstaltungsbüros stehen an Ihrer Seite und helfen Ihnen gerne bei allen Fragen rund um die Themen Tagung und Event.

Marco Schneidenbach

Sales Manager Meetings & Events
- Abteilungsleitung -

+49 2863 203-795

Marina Gardemann

Sales Executive Meetings & Events
- Tagungen und Gruppenbuchungen -

+49 2863 203-742

Theresa Stahl

Sales Executive Meetings & Events
- IHK geprüfte Hochzeitsplanerin-

+49 2863 203-732